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TechRax's recordings by and large take after a similar organization, and include 'push tests', drop tests and trials including the consider pulverization or harm of innovation, commonly cell phones or PCs. Maksimuk has smashed an iPhone 5S under a train, heated up an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola,played out a straight on correlation between an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 to see which survives longer when bubbled in water,and demolished an Apple Watch Edition with neodymium magnets.[8] The watch cost $10,000, which he brought through publicizing up in other videos.The video drew more than six million perspectives by February 2016. He in this way softened colored pencils and plunged an iPhone 6s into them which at that point brought about a noteworthy fire. His most prominent video is "Washing up in a 1500 gallon swimming pool loaded with Coca-Cola. He likewise included 200 pounds of ice a half pail of Mentos which just made minor responses. Later in that video, he pulverized a fresh out of the plastic new DJI Phantom 4 by flying it into the pool, a video which has 61 million perspectives as of January 2018.

Drop tests 

About Us Techrax

A typical video design on the channel includes drop trial of iPhones and other related innovation, regularly in the wake of encasing them in a substance to check whether they would survive the fall. Different recordings include dropping items from tall buildings.


TechRax is regularly censured for wrecking impeccably great and working gadgets. His most famous video, "Washing up in a Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool!" has more than 202,000 abhorrences. On March 4, 2017, Maksimuk discharged a video in which he poured liquid aluminum on an iPhone and furthermore onto a few live Madagascar murmuring cockroaches together with the telephone, supposedly to check whether the cockroaches would survive. Numerous watchers were despised by the video, which prompted Maksimuk hence erasing the video from YouTube.

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