50 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FACEBOOK IN ENGLISH. Facebook, these days, is a typical practice these days. It appears Facebook has turned out to be a standout amongst the most vital needs of individuals today. Inside a couple of years Facebook has secured the entire world, even as far as profit, it has deserted Google. These days a huge number of individuals have turned out to be dependent on Facebook. Indeed, even such huge numbers of individuals have turned out to be tremendous to the point that they


There are online live on Facebook throughout the day. Consequently, Facebook has progressed toward becoming

the most essential piece of the life of the biggest long range informal communication site

what's more, Internet clients in

the world. We can see several individuals around us who can not live without Facebook.

Facebook began in 2004. Today we are going to disclose to you such fascinating realities about

Facebook in Hindi, which you won't wind up on Facebook, let us know a few

fascinating certainties identified with Facebook utilized in our regular day to day existence Interesting actualities about

Facebook in English, who you most likely won't know.

1. Facebook began on February 4, 2004.

2. One out of each 13 individuals on the planet has a record on Facebook.

3. 71.2% of the general population who use web in the US are a Facebook client.

4.You won't accept however Mark Zuckerberg (who is Founder of Facebook) takes as it were

1 dollar consistently as a pay.

5. You would scarcely realize that Facebook can view and peruse Facebook, not simply in Hindi,

English and some other chose dialects, yet in addition for clients at 70 unique - extraordinary

dialects, whenever it might suit them.

6. Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg have partial blindness. The shade of the

Facebook has been kept blue in view of the contrast among red and blue hues.

7. More than 2.5 billion pictures are transferred on Facebook consistently by Facebook Users.

8. On Facebook, there are around 18,51,000 Status Update individuals at regular intervals.

9. Individuals make around 10,00,000 Updates, Likes and Shares in 20 minutes for every individual

on Facebook.

10. There are around 14,84,000 occasion welcomes in 20 minutes out of every moment on Facebook.

11. Around 27,16,000 photographs are transferred like clockwork on Facebook.

12. Individuals are labeled in around 13,23,000 photographs for every 20 minutes on Facebook.

13. About 10.2 Million Comments are made on posts of individuals at regular intervals on


14. About 1.972 million Friend Requests are sent and acknowledged at regular intervals on


15. By and large, there are 130 companions in every part's companion list on Facebook.

16. On Facebook, around 27,16,000 messages are sent to one another at 20 minutes.

17. Most Facebook clients do a similar thing when they open their rest in the first part of the day

to check Facebook first time.

18. At present, there are in excess of 30 million records of individuals who have passed on and it

has been assessed that in the following 100 years, this number will achieve 50 million records.

19. On the off chance that a Facebook client bites the dust, does his Facebook profile proceed with like this? Try not to live! In the event that

somebody kicks the bucket in our life personality, at that point we can report it to Facebook and get that profile a

memorialized account frame on Facebook.

20. The Like Button on Facebook is hit 1.8 Multiple times each and every moment.

21. As of now more than 1 million sites are connected to Facebook somehow or another.

22. There is additionally an uncommon alternate route to get to Mark Zuckerberg's Page. In the event that you enter 4

by entering the URL of Facebook, at that point you will achieve the page of Mark Zuckerberg specifically.

23. What's more, similarly on the off chance that you compose 5 or 6 more remote than the URL of Facebook, you will go

straight to the page of the other fellow benefactors of Facebook - Chris Hughes and Dustin

Moskovitz. These are both fellow benefactors of Facebook and Mark's flat mates.

24. Facebook has given the element of hindering any client on Facebook because of the protection

settings, yet the intriguing fascinating truth here is that you won't have the capacity to square Facebook

organizer Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook also. In the event that you attempt, give it a shot.

25. Do you realize what Poke implies on Facebook? The importance of Poke is Hindi.

Jab is likewise one of the numerous highlights of Facebook. In any case, there is not really anyone who

can disclose to you how to utilize it. Since Facebook itself has not utilized any of its fix yet.

Yet, take care that your Facebook record can likewise be hindered by more utilization of it.

26. On the off chance that for reasons unknown the Facebook server is down for quite a while, it will be

harmed by 25,000 dollars for every moment.

27. There are around six lakh Hacker assaults on Facebook consistently.

28. Facebook spends around $ 30 million consistently on simply facilitating its facilitating office.

29. In 2009, Facebook declined to employ Whatsapp's prime supporter (Brian Acton),

be that as it may, later they needed to purchase their made applications by giving $ 19 billion dollars to

Whatsapp Messenger.

30. Do you realize that in 2011, Facebook was the most compelling motivation for separation in the US.

The explanation for breaking 1 of each five relational unions in America is Facebook.

31. Indeed, even the assistance of Facebook was taken recorded as a hard copy to the Constitution of Iceland

written in 2011.

32. We in some cases compose a status to post on Facebook, yet don't post/distribute it for

some reason. Do you feel that anybody can ever peruse what we have never posted.

Truly, Facebook can even peruse that information for you. Facebook has likewise made an uncommon group,

whose work is to dissect such information that you have ever composed yet did not post.

33. In the event that you do some other work on the Internet by signing in to a Facebook account, at that point

Facebook records all your action.

34. In the event that you need to procure cash sitting at home, hack Facebook. I'm completely serious any longer Facebook's value cash of $ 500 is given to each individual who can hack

Facebook, yet this isn't so natural as Facebook has seen a huge number of crores of

compensations to see only the display of its specialists Do not keep it. We should get

hacked is a major ordeal. In any case, regardless of whether you discover any mix-up in Facebook, you will

still be qualified for a reward from Facebook

35. Divination towards Facebook is ruled by the way that 5% of the British are

additionally utilizing Facebook while they are engaging in sexual relations.

36. Today there are billions of clients on Facebook yet Facebook's first client name

was "Al Pacino".

37. Facebook's first LOGO was structured by "Andrew McCollum".

38. As per an overview, a Smart Phone User checks Facebook 14 times each day

all things considered.

39. Fan pages of 83% of whores are made on Facebook.

40. Stamp Zuckerberg needed the name of Facebook "Like" Button "Marvelous"

41. 50 percent of all Internet clients on the planet are associated with Facebook some place.

42. In each period of individuals everywhere throughout the world individuals are experiencing seriously

Facebook enslavement issue, Facebook fixation. This illness can likewise be

called FAD. At present around 350 million individuals are influenced by the FAD on the planet.

Since 2009 Facebook is a bain in China.

43. About 9% of Facebook accounts are Fake.

44.Many individuals have been killed on account of "unfriend" ordinarily on

Facebook, and looking at the situation objectively whenever you will have the capacity to "unfriend" one

after another.

45. In the event that Facebook was a nation, it was the most crowded nation on the planet

after China, India, America, and Indonesia.


Make the most Fake Accounts Indian on Facebook -

Facebook said in a report discharged in November that Facebook has more than

150 million Fake Accounts. The greater part of which are made by Indians.

First woman Indian on Facebook -

The main Indian lady to join Facebook was Sheela Tandrashekhar Krishnan.

First Lady Engineer on Facebook Indian -

Do you realize that the female designer who had first enlisted Facebook was of Indian

beginning. Whose name is Interest Sanghvi. RUCHI SANGHVI gave the possibility of ​​Adding

the Feature of News Feed on Facebook. On which today we include status thus, you

realize how well known this element of Facebook is.

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